How to Use Your Magical Word Cards

Your Word of the Day

What do you want to focus on today or this week? Look through the deck and see what inspires you. As you’re looking, ask yourself questions to narrow it down: What do I want to focus on today or this week?  Maybe you have a different word than what’s in the deck. Just write it down on a piece of paper and put it a prominent place.


"Mystery" Word of the Day

Place your cards face down. Look at the cards and use your intuition and pick a card at random. Focus on that word or expression for the day. 

Month of Inspiration
At the beginning of the month, look at the words, select a card and focus on that word the rest of the month. 

A Year of Change

A powerful practice is to choose a word at the start of each year. Rather than focus on resolutions that go by the wayside, pick a word that you’d like to focus on for the entire year. Once you have your word for the year, display it in some way as a daily reminder. 

Family Words

Many families choose a daily word as a way to ring in the new year. Each family member selects the word they want to focus on for the year. Then, as a family, pick a word or saying that will be the family motto for that year. 

Using Words at Work

Focusing on words is a great team-building exercise. At the kick-off of a department meeting or a project meeting, have each employee pick a card at random and have that be their word for the week or month. Or use some of the words in this deck to give you inspiration on creating and communicating core values of the company or your department. Work doesn't need to be stuffy and corporate-like all the time. Use this deck to add a bit of fun to your processes! Contact us at for more ways to use this deck to engage employees and create more happiness and positivity at work.

For Organizations

Have a board meeting coming up? Using this deck is a great ice-breaker. It's even great for team collaboration, team building and project launch meetings to get everyone inspired to take your organization on to the next level!

Each card features

ways to live up to your words!


To get a closer look at a few of the cards, click here.

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